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Get started helping your child’s speech during their school years or prepare them for their speech skills ready for school
Do-It-Yourself from home using the Phonic All Star Speech and Literacy Program. This system is developed by a qualified and experienced Australian Speech Pathologist

You can get your 2 Speech Therapy Wall Posters FREE to start your child’s home speech therapy program. You will be able to teach your child the difference between the 26 Alphabet Letters and the 46 speech sounds.

Don’t worry, we will also be sending you an article that can get you started.

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chart and a BONUS Learn the Alphabet Wall chart

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Get these Brightly Coloured-Purpose Built Phonic All Star Posters so your child can learn their Alphabet Letters and their Speech Sounds – 100% FREE
  • Developed by an experienced Speech Pathologist to assist children with speech, auditory processing and literacy impairment
  • The program supports all children who are learning to read, spell and write
  • Arranged in a systematic order to reflect the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Ultra colourful and quirky Phonic All Star characters that are not easily forgotten for challenged learners
  • The Speech Sound GRID is the central component in the Phonic All Stars speech and literacy program
  • The posters integrate with lessons using the level 1 Phonic All Star flashcards and associated activities
  • The ultimate reference guide to helping your child crack the spelling code using the level 2 Phonic All Star spelling cards
  • Printed on full colour cardboard and Laminated
  • BONUS – Get your FREE article about important aspects of Speech Development in children

Your WALL POSTERS are COMPLETELY FREE for your child to get started with their D-I-Y speech therapy home program straight away!

Helpful to get you started if you are waiting on a list for speech therapy services

Get started first, and If you get stuck – our Speech Pathologist are available to help by online support

Did you know that it takes more than the 26 letters of the ALPHABET to teach your child their speech sounds for their phonetic reading and spelling skills?


Our poster helps your child to learn:

  • Standard alphabet letters and their correlating speech sounds
  • The difference between short and long vowels
  • Digraphs – 2 letter speech sounds that are typically taught but not in the alphabet
  • Upper and lowercase guide for the grapheme (letter) symbol
  • Metalinguistic theory about the alphabet – So your child can answer questions such as – How many alphabet letters are there? How many consonants and how many vowels are in the alphabet?
  • Look out for the secret features in the posters that we will reveal in the Speech Therapy DIY lessons

If you plan to start the process to correcting your child’s speech or to help your child to read and spell, you will need a tool that includes all 46 speech sounds. This means that your child will need to learn the 24 consonant phonemes and also the 22 vowel phonemes!



Features include:

  • A character for each of the 46 speech sounds to make learning fun
  • 24 Consonant phonemes including 2 mixture sounds on the front
  • 22 Vowel phonemes on the back
  • Metalinguistic information that helps you and your child learn about How Speech Sounds are formed
  • Keep an eye out for the Secret tricks of the Trade that will be revealed in the lesson based on the design that supports children with communication challenges who need a visual learning style to their lessons

You can take the next steps to our eCLASS lessons to learn how to use your Phonic All Star posters to teach your child their speech sounds from home. The lessons will help you to make inroads to support your child’s speech development and to identify if your child is in need of further early intervention from a Speech Pathologist.

The Phonic All Star Speech and Literacy Program is packaged in an exciting and entertaining way with puppets, music and lessons that make learning fun for both you and your child as you learn specific skills not readily available at kindergarten or school. Families that want to go further can follow Katrine Elliott and the Speech Pathology team further along the journey of the Speech Therapy DIY program to learn about-

WHAT communications skills  to expect at particular ages in your child’s normal development

WHY your child may be showing concerns in developing their communication skills

WHEN is the most appropriate time to start speech therapy for different challenges

HOW to support your child with early intervention suggestions to help their speech, listening, language, literacy and learning skills

Getting started is simple!

We help you in a systematic and step-by-step way to determine how to best help your child using the Phonic All Star program. We teach you skills for assessing your child’s phonetic grid or  speech sound keyboard so that this part of their mind can interact well with their skills for their:

  1. Speech development
  2. Auditory processing development
  3. Literacy development for reading, spelling and writing skills
  4. Associated skills for vocabulary and language development skills

The program helps you to get started at home to:

  • Assess your child’s speech sound grid yourself based on functions for listening, speech, reading, spelling and writing
  • Learn about how all the 46 speech sound are made using our speech, voice, resonance and breath systems (using the Phonic All Star Level 1 Cards and the Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds Workbook)
  • Learn phonetic transcription skills like a Speech Pathologist using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Code
  • Learn the Phonic All Star hand signal system that cues your child’s speech errors
  • Check if your child has matured their sound processing (phonological processing functions) to enable phoneme retrieval, phoneme manipulation, auditory memory and the capacity to undertake skills using their working memory functions
  • Check if your child’s auditory processing system is matured suitably for speech and literacy development to occur
  • Teach your child the first steps to reading and spelling phonetically structured words while you check your child’s auditory (listening) and phonological (speech sound) centres in their mind are performing well
  • Learn how to connect the speech sound grid to the spelling code (using the level 2 Phonic all star cards) when words no longer have a one-to-one letter-sound correspondence
  • Learn nifty ways to teach skills associated with reading sights words when your child just fails to store the words in their mind
  • Many more secrets revealed

Watch this video to see more about the Phonic All Stars and listen to their New CD #2-Phonic All Star Theme Track from the carnival of sound sound track.

This song is part of a set of 24 sound tracks created to make therapy with your child fun.

Yes! We use the music in therapy!

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It’s the Coolest Posters You’ve Never Seen and right now it’s yours FREE

These cleverly constructed posters have been designed, developed and hand made by Katrine ELLIOTT, the Speech Pathologist who developed the Phonic All Star Program. It is a teaching advantage for all home speech therapy programs that love kids having fun.

“I never start a speech therapy session where I correct children’s speech errors without it. I use it as a reference ALL the time. My younger students can understand what speech sounds I am teaching them when they don’t have reading skills developed.”

Katrine Elliott
Speech Pathologist

  • I use it for testing how children say each speech sound individually
  • I use it to teach how to discriminate speech sounds from each other for auditory training
  • I use it in speech sound correction therapy
  • I use it as a reference for when teaching literacy skills for reading, spelling and writing
  • I use the poster to support my students to see the letter symbols when spelling and writing


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So why are we doing this?

This is our way of helping our children and families in the community to gain access to speech and language support in their early years.

We know many of you are waiting for Speech Therapy services on long waiting lists all over Australia. Unfortunately- your child’s mind doesn’t wait for you to reach the top of a list.

We want to help get the lessons straight to you and this can be how we can connect up the first step in the process. Then you can see your qualified Speech Pathologist when you reach your service provider.

We care about your child’s communication skills because we know that early intervention prevents and corrects speech, language and learning disorders and affects children’s confidence, self-esteem and their life forward.

Please Send My Child a FREE Learn The Speech Sounds Wall chart and a BONUS Learn the Alphabet Wall chart

Send us the Learn the speech sounds and Alphabet Wall Charts Now before they are gone!
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