FREE Learn The Speech Sounds & Alphabet Wallchart

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This is such a fantastic offer for families wanting to

start your Speech Therapy DIY journey as soon as possible. 

The Phonic All Star Posters have been designed by Katrine Elliott (Speech Pathologist) for the purpose of teaching CORE Metaphonic knowledge to prepare children for their communication and academic skills. The Full Colour Posters are laminated for protection.

This visually structured program can help you to teach your child the speech sound grid in an easy and fun way.


FIRST- Simply teach your child the alphabet letters that are highlighted inside the red lines.

THEN- let your child know that the speech sounds that are outside of this are not in the alphabet. These are indicated below:

  • Green lines- These are the digraphs- NG – SH – CH- TH – as they have 2 letters in their grapheme pattern but make one speech sound.
  • Yellow boxes: The short vowels- a-e-i-o-u-These match up with their corresponding 5-long vowels that  “Say their name” in the alphabet itself,
  • On the back you have the letter-graphemes on their own without any character cues. This is for when your child is getting confident and we can leave the “training wheels” of the picture and recognise the letter symbol on it’s own.


The Phonic All Star speech sound Poster teaches your child the 46 speech sounds using the characters and graphemes.

  • Notice all characters have a number in the corner of their picture that connects to that specific Card in your Phonic All Star Speech Sound Flash Level 1 and 2 Cards.
  • This number also connects to the Phonic All Star- Teach Me Speech Sounds Workbook which then explains how each speech sound is formed.
  • This number also connects to the Phonic All Star-Learn the 22 Vowels Colouring In book
  • The poster teaches the International Phonetic Alphabet so you can then learn to write your child’s speech at a word level so that you can start the journey to correcting their speech errors using phonetic transcriptions like a PRO.
  • The posters feature 24 consonants on one side and the 22 vowels on the back side.
  • The poster gives you and your child theory based on the manner of articulation of the 46 different phonemes and the groups that they belong to.
  • Join the Speech Therapy DIY program to get all the low-down on how to be an expert quasi-speech therapist at home.

By connecting with us to receive your FREE Phonic All Star Posters, you will also gain your own SPEECH article to get your home speech therapy program started with some developmental information and first stages to assessing your child’s speech sounds. Call us on (07) 55 282222 if you fail to connect to any pages and we can arrange for your order to be sent in the mail.

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