Hydro Hound Talking Story Book


Hydro Hound teaches the speech sound “H” when he goes on an adventure with Miss Mary Mouth to the haunted house where Iva MInd, the mad scientist, lives. They are tested to crack the quiz questions to get answers for Miss Mary Mouth’s puzzling dream. Your child will learn about the speech sound “H” but the story has so-so-so-much more!


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What would be a better way to spend a cold, dark evening, than driving your car up mystery lane to the haunted house where Iva Mind, the mad scientist lives. This was the scary evening that Miss Mary Mouth and her less than brave pooch, Hydro Hound, underwent to solve a disturbing dream that Miss Mary Mouth was having. This 40+ minute talking book is great for car trips and features the Phonic All Stars Talking themselves! Featured in this Talking Book is the Hydro Hound Soundtrack.

What do we learn:

  • During their adventure Miss Mary Mouth and Hydro Hound explain how the speech sound “h”
  • They also teach a voice activity that helps Hydro to breath silently while in the cupboard hiding from a “monster”????!!!! or was it? This voice exercise is great for kids to learn so they can yell well and not cause vocal harm (such as vocal nodules)
  • Later in the story when they meet Iva Mind, language skills are being tested with deciphering what are the clues for words


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