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Phonic All Star Program, children music, speech therapy, articulation challenges, How do I fix my child's speech, help my child read, dyspraxia, dyslexia, Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, Optimal Communications, phonological processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning disorders, autism, down syndrome, prada willi Children’s entertainment, children’s music, Children Audio Books, Story Books Our Phonic All Star level 1 Speech Sound cards are hand made, fully laminated and equipped on a silver ring for portability, functionality and to be sturdy enough for many years of use!

The level 1 cards feature a yellow star and an example of one version of the target speech sounds grapheme (letter or letter pattern) and an example word on the back of the card.

These cards are the essential tool to teach your child the speech sound grid that is the inner keyboard that operates the function for creating words. Our cards are not just to teach your child how to say all the 46 speech sounds but they have a very specific purpose to help you support your child’s mind be developed for the phonological processes that are required to mature accurate speech and also acquire literacy skills for reading, spelling and writing. They are complimented in tasks with the Phonic All Star Wall charts or folderguides.

These are a MUST if your child is having challenges with developing their speech sounds in words. They are especially essential for children who are diagnosed with : phonological processing delays and disorders, articulation disorders and dyspraxia.

By joining us for the speech therapy DIY lessons, the developer of the program, Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, can teach you the method to gaining the best results for your child and how these cards integrate into building skills that enable capacity for functions of the mind that underpin speech, listeniing, reading spelling and writing. .

The cards come with hard copy and digital RECORD SHEETS that help you keep track of your child’s progress to success.


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