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The Phonic All Star STARTER PACK is a great way to get you started in helping your child with you Speech Therapy DIY home program. The Starter Pack is a skill building home speech therapy program that provides you with the resources necessary to support the therapy tasks. Gain the confidence of a guided program from Katrine Elliott, the Speech Pathologist who also developed the Phonic All Star Speech and Literacy Correction Program.


The started pack is value for money and comes sent to your door to get you started from home straight away.

Funding Support: Families who are eligible for Bettestart, Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Funding and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Funding will be able to claim the Intervention Product product as part of your resource package.

  • The starter pack allows you to give your child a home program that checks how their speech is developing and to take action based on what challenges your child is struggling with.
  • This is great if you are waiting on a list for speech therapy services – so you can get started while you wait.
  • You may also want to give your child a boost to get them ready for PREP and grade 1 for their phonetic reading skills by ensuring that their speech function is mature and ready to taken next steps to learning the letters that correspond to these speech sounds for reading and spelling.

What is inside the STARTER PACK?

First, you need to know what you are doing so you will be assisted with your DIY eCLASSES to get you started.

Your DIY Speech Therapy Training eCLASSES

You will learn about …

  • Normal and abnormal / disordered speech development
  • How to assess your child’s speech sound development
  • How to document your child’s speech using the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.) like a PRO
  • Learn how all 24 Consonant Speech Sounds are made so you can teach your child
  • Learn how all 22 Vowels Speech Sounds are made so you can teach your child
  • Learn how to integrate corrections into your child speech at the word level by understanding phonological processing skills
  • How to teach your child phonological awareness skills to prepare them for early literacy foundations
  • How to transfer these corrected speech skills into reading and spelling skills, while continuing to correct their speech skills further
  • How to motivate your child’s process through home therapy with a fun reward system that teaches your child as you go!
  • How to manage any difficult or challenging behaviour that interferes with your home program
  • The “Speech and Language processing model” and the “Literacy Development Map” so you will understand .

How children learn to listen?

How children learn to speak?

How children learn to read and spell?

Your Phonic All Star Program equipment

You will be equipped with the materials and recording forms to get the job done.

  • If you haven’t already received your FREE wallcharts-ensure that you include them in this purchase order- These are valued at $30- The learn the Speech Sound Poster ($15) and Learn the Alphabet Poster ($15)
  • eBOOK– Understanding your Child Speech Development The Secrets Revealed ($37)
  • The Fairy Test– Assist you to examine your child’s Auditory Phonological loop which is fundamental to their listening, speech, reading and spelling function. Includes training and testing video with testing forms ($250).
  • Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Cards– ($8)
  • You will also be given an A4 folderguide version of these 2 posters so that they are portable in your folder for school ($16 set)
  • Phonic All Star-Level 1 Flashcards – ($65) – equipped with 3 sets of Recording forms, pdf.
  • Phonic All Star-Teach Me Speech Sounds- Consonant– Workbook ($35).
  • Speech and Literacy Practice Chunks Program ($35)
  • Phonic All Star 24 sound track music compilation ($70)
  • Phonic All Star- 4 set Talking Story Books ($60)- Sidney Snake, Zippy Bumble Bee, Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner and Hydro Hound
  • Phonic All Starts Rewards Pack ($15)- Reinforcement schedule by means of your own, stickers, banking record and tokens that enable maximal participation and engagement while learning
  • Upper and Lowercase Matching Folderguide & Wallchart ($15)
  • Phonological awareness Wallchart ($15)

10 eCLASSES – Speech Therapy DIY Family Training Videos including –Family Teaching Posters and pages ($1600)- You will learn:

Valued at $Priceless$ for your child’s speech development

Many families are aware that that usual individual Speech pathology Consultation fees are between $179 and $220 per treatment session based on the experience and specialisation of your Speech Pathology professional.  Families gain access to start-up lessons via Speech Pathology support from a qualified Speech Pathologist who is able to get you started on your journey to understand you child’s speech development. The Starter-Pack gives you guidance on:

  1. How to assess your child’s speech sound grid function and to check if your child is developing typically or needs intervention support
  2. To determine whether any speech sounds are needing targeting and how to do this at the sound and word level
  3. How to bridge the reading and spelling gap and give your child a great start at school in their early year to develop their literacy confidence


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