Phonic All Star- Talking Story Books- 4 set

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The Phonic All Star Talking Story Books are a great way to kick off your Speech Therapy DIY program from home. You can ease your child into some fun activities by first listening to the Phonic All Star character stories. Each character takes you on a journey through their problem they may be having, where the theory you need to know to help correct that speech sound error is hidden in the story to enjoy.

You can play it in the car or when you child is having quiet listening time.

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Being an audio-book, this strengthens your child’s ability to attend and to listen to the spoken information presented in the story lesson. Our children are subjected to so much visual stimulation from animation and ipads that this may not give them the chance to quieten down their vision modality for learning to ignite their inner imagination and creation of thier own pictures inside their mind as the stories are heard.  This skill is essential to support aural-listening skills for children when they reach the classroom. Mental pictures are an essential process to learning but also being creative.

The Pack includes the 4 characters:

  1. Sidney Snake teaching the /s/ speech sound
  2. Zippy Bumble Bee teaching the /z/ speech sound
  3. Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner teaching the /v/ speech sound
  4. Hydro Hound teaching the /h/ speech sound

However, this is just a small part of what the audio-Talking books do.

The Talking Books feature:

  • Soundtracks for the characters music
  • Language stimulation therapy
  • Metalinguistic knowledge and skill building lessons
  • BONUS material- based on supplementary areas of communication skills. (eg. Voice Care)


About the Author and Producer: 

The Phonic All Star Speech and Literacy Program has been developed by Katrine Elliott, who is an experienced clinical Speech Pathologist who has been supporting children to correct their communication challenges for 25 years. Katrine works in conjunction with her team at Optimal Communications Speech Pathology from their purpose built speech pathology centre- Once Upon A Time Therapy Centre. Katrine has also developed the Speech Therapy DIY teaching series which broadcasts from the Once Upon A Time Therapy centre to bring home training live to the homes of many families who need Speech Pathology support but may be challenged to access this. The Phonic All Star Program was developed to serve this purpose for our Australian community of children.