Phonic All Star-Teach Me Speech Sound Workbook


The Phonic All Stars will help you and your child to learn HOW to make each Consonant Speech Sound (phoneme). Each of the 24 phonemes are explained using diagrams and a picture of the Phonic All Star hand signal to make learning simple. You can reward your child with the Phonic All Star Tokens and Stickers along the way (purchased separately). The product is an excellent compliment to your Phonic All Star Learn the Speech Sounds Wall Chart and Level 1 Speech Sound Flashcards. Look out for the Phonic All Star Sound Tracks and Talking Story Book that compliment the product.


Phonic All Star Program, children music, speech therapy, articulation challenges, How do I fix my child's speech, help my child read, dyspraxia, dyslexia, Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, Optimal Communications, phonological processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning disorders, autism, down syndrome, prada willi Children’s entertainment, children’s music, Children Audio Books, Story Books Teaching your child the 24 Consonant Speech Sounds is simple and fun if you engage the Phonic All Star-Teach Me Speech Sounds Workbook. This program has been written and produced by Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, with a purpose to bring the essential lessons about how speech sounds are created using the lips, tongue, jaw, teeth, soft palate, voice and breath. These instructions are essential to take your first steps at understanding how speech sounds are created so that you can then take your steps to helping your child at home. Each page provides:

  • Instructional information in a child friendly narrative as spoken by the 24 Phonic All Star characters
  • an inside view of how the speech sound is made in the mouth thanks to the help from our Xavier Ray the X-Ray machine Phonic All Star character
  • visual prompts for how to cue your child using the Phonic All Star hand signal which is essential for children that may be struggling to process information that they hear or may have difficulties with auditory processing skills

The Teach Me Speech Sounds Workbook is the essential step to teach your child each sound before getting them ready for their speed and automatic Level 1 Speech Sound Cards.


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Phonic All Star-Teach Me Speech Sounds Workbook

Phonic All Star-Teach Me Speech Sounds Workbook/Phonic All Star hand signals/Phonic All Star Tokens/ Phonic All Star stickers/ Phonic Al Star Level 1 Speech Sound Cards


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