Phonic All Star-Zippy Bumble Bee Talking Story


Allow the Phonic All Stars ro teach your child while you sit back and listen or drive from place to place. Zippy Bumble teaches your child about how to make his favourite speech sound “zzzz” as he has a problem with loosing his “z’s” from lost sleep. He calls in the help of Miss Mary Mouth and Winona Wind to help him solve his problem.


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Let the Phonic All Star characters come to life in their Talking Book Narrative Stories. Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, has developed a highly entertaining but also educational product that allows your child to learn how the speech sounds are made. These larger than life quirkly characters take you on a journey into their world where they slve their problems and teach your child about specialised skills to assist their communication skills along the way.

Zippy Bumble Bee loves to teach the speech sound “zzz”. Except Zippy is a working single Dad and his hours of work and exhaustion has led him to having a problem with loosing his “z’s”.

“What good is a bumble bee without his bu-“

Zippy Bumble Bee first stumbles upon Winona Wind, who tries to rock him to sleep with her lullaby.

Then, Zippy calls on the rescue of Miss Mary Mouth, who is the Speech Pathologist to teach him how to make the “zzz” sound again.

Each Talking Book features other surprises and character soundtracks.

I hope you love them as much as we did creating them in the studio with Bignote Productions – A big Thank you to Jennifer Matthews, Adrian Stuckey, Paul (Smudge) Harris and team!

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