Phonic All Stars-Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner Talking Book


Why not sit back and let Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner teach your child how the “vvvv” sound is made using their part of speech. Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner comes to life in her own Talking Story Book to teach your child more lessons than just their speech.


Come join Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner for her lesson about how the “vvvv” sound is made. This Talking Story Book brings one of our most intriguing characters to life as she tells of her tails as a cleaner and what secrets she encounters on her day-to-day journey from house to house. The Talking Book features Vonnie’s groovy song where she teaches your child how the speech sounds made.

The Talking Story book equips you to teach your child how the “v” speech sound is made using the particular speech articulators- the lips, teeth, breath and voice. The “v” sound can typically be in error based on a phonological process that makes it way through typical childrens developing speech between the ages of 3-1/2 to 4 years. Children with stop the air with their lips and product the speech sound /b/ such as say “bacuum” for the word “vacuum“. This is called stopping and is also featured in speech errors when a /f/ is said as a /p/, /s/ is said as a t/, and a /z/ said as a /d/. You can learn more about this in the Speech Therapy DIY training programs if your child has this error pattern.

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Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner also has some great tips to teach your child about vocabulary and concepts for thin and long. Enjoy the story and the music which was created with Bignote Productions on the Gold Coast.

In a world where children are over stimulated for visual animation as a means for learning, it is not uncommon to see that children’s auditory skills can be weak. As children need to JUST listen, and are not stimulated via their visual modality. They then need to focus on what they hear. This can help to strengthen inner visualisation and imagination as they see the story come alive in their mind, not the pictures that are created on the screen. The Talking Audio books are great for children who need development for listening skill whether their challenges are due to:

  1. Inattention and failure to hold to the listener
  2. Weakness with learning words or vocabulary
  3. Weakness with auditory memory skills
  4. Weakness with comprehension of spoken information

Stay tuned for more Talking Books or read-aloud stories in the series or you can order the first 4 released as a set.

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